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TopEase 7.1

 Release 7.1.37 (2022-12-16)
Release Notes - TopEase - Version 7.1.37
** Bug
  * [TOPEASE-5257] - Wrong placement of Link-Lables on UML Class Diagram 
  * [TOPEASE-5299] - Inconsistent resolve of inactive groups in ServerRegistry
  * [TOPEASE-6298] - q:map function does not work with NodeSets returned by using '//*'
  * [TOPEASE-6308] - q:sorted() function does not work with a union expression
  * [TOPEASE-6314] - NotificationRule Bug when evaluating certain XPath expression
  * [TOPEASE-6322] - BackendTask execution gets timeout in customer model
  * [TOPEASE-6325] - q:map function does not give correct result when using condition
  * [TOPEASE-6332] - BPMN data flow might use wrong target type on import
  * [TOPEASE-6346] - Exception when moving some "Diagram(Text)Element"s in an imported bpmn diagram
  * [TOPEASE-6357] - BPMN: coordinates of exported DI xml must not be negative
  * [TOPEASE-6359] - BPMN import with wrong coordinates for expanded Sub-Processes
  * [TOPEASE-6360] - Exception during Replication
  * [TOPEASE-6365] - A manually added Group Shape on a Model-Diagram might seem to be in front of other shapes when navigating
  * [TOPEASE-6367] - TopEase Designer: User Management does not work
  * [TOPEASE-6375] - Matrix Feature "Is Validation Point for" not available for Requirement
  * [TOPEASE-6390] - Unable to edit link attributes in Designer in multiple languages
  * [TOPEASE-6413] - Autohistory Rule: first edit of Facts&Figures value is not logged
  * [TOPEASE-6416] - CopyBehaviourRule: support setting new RiskAssessment
  * [TOPEASE-6440] - BPMN: Export does not consider intermediateThrowEvents at all
  * [TOPEASE-6442] - BPMN: Transactions and Event-Subprocesses should be shown as non-atomic always
  * [TOPEASE-6350] - BPMN: Subprocess Marker is shown on top instead of at bottom
  * [TOPEASE-6351] - BPMN Call Activity Shapes should show with thick line

** Improvement
  * [TOPEASE-6083] - Rule UpdateRiskAssessmentByPredefinedValues rule uses hardcoded identifier
  * [TOPEASE-6288] - W3: Provide Address for Resources of Type Location and Infrastructure
  * [TOPEASE-6328] - OWASP, CVE-2022-42003, CVE-2022-42004: security issues in Jackson-databind
  * [TOPEASE-6318] - OWASP: Issues with batik library
  * [TOPEASE-6372] - Excel .xlsx to XML converter for use in importers (Ant task)
  * [TOPEASE-6393] - Add ability to log a threaddump when w3-writelock is held for a too long time
  * [TOPEASE-6402] - Allow Java class calculation for Questionnaire indicators
  * [TOPEASE-6419] - Improve usability of Ant Runner UI
  * [TOPEASE-6423] - RuleTrigger Plugin with increased default size of the rule selection dialog
  * [TOPEASE-6424] - Rule Editor with increased default size
  * [TOPEASE-6352] - BPMN Call Activity, show correct Shape-Marker
  * [TOPEASE-6353] - BPMN: Intermediate throwing Events support completion
  * [TOPEASE-6355] - BPMN: Edit-Support for Call-Activity
  * [TOPEASE-6403] - Default name handling in a multi language setting should behave the same all the time
  * [TOPEASE-6426] - BPMN: rename "Exception" Event trigger to "Error" as defined in BPMN Spec
 Release 7.1.36 (2022-09-15)
Release Notes - TopEase - Version 7.1.36
** Bug
  * [TOPEASE-6242] - BPMN import does not correctly import some Activity- and Event Types

** Improvement
  * [TOPEASE-6052] - Master-Diagram functionality needs support in w3 diagrams
  * [TOPEASE-6259] - Provide feedback when diagram-previews are loading
  * [TOPEASE-6261] - XML Exports of permissions are ambiguous
  * [TOPEASE-6285] - AntRunner UI in Designer gets very slow when log gets very large
  * [TOPEASE-6286] - CsvToXmlTask requires too much RAM for large files
  * [TOPEASE-6290] - Ability to filter XMLExport exported items using an xslt
  * [TOPEASE-5257] - Wrong placement of Link-Lables on UML Class Diagram
 Release 7.1.35 (2022-07-22)
Release Notes - TopEase - Version 7.1.35
** Maintenance
  * [TOPEASE-6166] - OWASP: Update included xercesJ library to 2.12.2 due to security issue

** Bug
  * [TOPEASE-6190] - Repeated execution of LDAP Synchronizer fails
  * [TOPEASE-6212] - License can not be written if Installer-Instance-ID contains a Backslash
  * [TOPEASE-6215] - NPE while working with assessments in Designer

** New Feature
  * [TOPEASE-6043] - Write Ant-Runner log to a separate file
  * [TOPEASE-6233] - Provide XPath function to convert a java.time.LocalDate to a java.util.Date

** Improvement
  * [TOPEASE-6178] - Designer: Improve performance of User Management
  * [TOPEASE-6184] - WorkflowRules: support GenericAssessment in CounterRule

 Release 7.1.34 (2022-06-09)
Release Notes - TopEase - Version 7.1.34
** Maintenance
  * [TOPEASE-6066] - Update JXBrowser to 7.24+ to fix move-cursor issue in designer

** Bug
  * [TOPEASE-5142] - Lines after Gateways often overlap in sequence diagrams
  * [TOPEASE-5903] - LicenseService is broken when server is only reachable through a http proxy or if port 80 is blocked
  * [TOPEASE-5936] - JSP Reports fail when using option 'Individual Reports'
  * [TOPEASE-6125] - Unable to change diagrams in TopEase Designer 7.1.33 
  * [TOPEASE-6127] - Workflow Rules: OnCreationChangeStatusRule creates all accountable entries as deputy
  * [TOPEASE-6130] - Wrong lane used sometimes after adding new activity in swimlane
  * [TOPEASE-6133] - Unneeded bend after gateway in swimlane diagrams
  * [TOPEASE-6143] - Error during XPath execution when date-expression delivers an empty node-set
  * [TOPEASE-6150] - Exception when aggregating certain BIAs
  * [TOPEASE-6154] - Designer editor for text PVs overwrites text when editing (insert mode)

** New Feature
  * [TOPEASE-6117] - WorkflowRules: allow to set Priority and Condition in ChangeAccessRule
  * [TOPEASE-6136] - WorkflowRules: copy assessment answers from previous assessment
  * [TOPEASE-6160] - WorkflowRules: support sending of workflow emails in CopyBehaviourRule

** Improvement
  * [TOPEASE-6012] - BCM-Values inheritance plugin needs enhancement for value flow on detail Activity level
  * [TOPEASE-6021] - WorkflowRules: Improve MoveObject executable for ExecuteOnChangeRule
  * [TOPEASE-6128] - WorkflowRules: support parameter copySubobjects in OnCreationRule
  * [TOPEASE-6165] - Ability to access timeseries in Key Figures (Facts and Figures) using XPath
  * [TOPEASE-6144] - Value flows between sub activities of the same Main-Activity are not relevant in a BIA
 Release 7.1.33 (2022-03-25)
Release Notes - TopEase - Version 7.1.33
** Bug
  * [TOPEASE-6041] - SequenceDiagram: container shapes are not rendered expanded
  * [TOPEASE-6045] - Moving a shape in a diagram requires extra mouse-movement between shape selection and possible drag operation

** New Feature
  * [TOPEASE-6067] - Filter Assessment Questionnaires according to domain query (XPath) filter

** Improvement
  * [TOPEASE-6023] - Show object name in diagram tooltip
  * [TOPEASE-6040] - Reporting Interface should have indexed associations
  * [TOPEASE-6035] - Properly save link-points of newly created edges to related objects
  * [TOPEASE-6050] - Restrict drop of RelatedObjects to the "RelatedObjects" Lane
 Release 7.1.32 (2022-02-25)
Release Notes - TopEase - Version 7.1.32
** Bug
  * [TOPEASE-6019] - constraint fix should run privileged
  * [TOPEASE-6031] - Ctrl-S in diagram does not work sometimes
  * [TOPEASE-6033] - Unable to fix missing VC flow-peer in diagram editor

** New Feature
  * [TOPEASE-5657] - BIA calculation of asymmetrically modeled process landscapes
  * [TOPEASE-5945] - Ability to edit "related objects" inside the diagram
  * [TOPEASE-5978] - support workflow state as a permission axis
  * [TOPEASE-5979] - support configurable permission priority

** Improvement
  * [TOPEASE-6004] - CopyBehaviourRule: support 3D relations in parameter 'removeRelations'
  * [TOPEASE-6024] - Enum's Name is not available in XPath
  * [TOPEASE-6018] - Add prio and condition to Permission Matrix report
  * [TOPEASE-6028] - Node- and Relation-Labels for the palette should be configurable
 Release 7.1.31 (2022-01-28)
Release Notes - TopEase - Version 7.1.31
** Bug
  * [TOPEASE-5728] - W3 vulnerability 'Authentication bypass with UID' (CVE-2021-42115, CVE-2021-42545)
  * [TOPEASE-5735] - W3 vulnerability 'Invalid Datatype (numeric values) to Non-Editable Fields (Denial of  Service)' (CVE-2021-42122)
  * [TOPEASE-5919] - Exception when changing PV-date within different timezones
  * [TOPEASE-5944] - Exception during RepositorySynchronizer.receive() due to previous problem and attempt to reconnect inside web-context
  * [TOPEASE-5959] - Search in designer might fail due to readlock not immediately available
  * [TOPEASE-5960] - Omit excessive logging of PV "" being processed by PV formatter

** New Feature
  * [TOPEASE-5825] - TSM: add ability to profile XChange server using the Flight-Recorder API

** Improvement
  * [TOPEASE-5961] - Prevent TopEase Server start to be interrupted due to a timeout
  * [TOPEASE-5973] - Default Tomcat access log format does not show request duration
 Release 7.1.30 (2021-12-14)
Release Notes - TopEase - Version 7.1.30
** Maintenance
  * [TOPEASE-5645] - Update JDOM 1.x to 2.x, then update to fixed 2.x (owasp)
  * [TOPEASE-5912] - log4j update required due to CVE-2021-44228

** New Feature
  * [TOPEASE-5901] - Allow escaping of HTML tags during XML import

** Improvement
  * [TOPEASE-2845] - BPMN Text Annotations should be able to attach to a SequenceObject
  * [TOPEASE-5907] - Unpleasant rendering of Events and Event Labels in BPMN diagrams
  * [TOPEASE-5911] - Renew Code Signing Certificate 2021
  * [TOPEASE-5915] - Autohistory Rule: Improve history log entries for assessments
 Release 7.1.29 (2021-12-02)
Release Notes - TopEase - Version 7.1.29
** Maintenance
  * [TOPEASE-5823] - Update Java Runtime to recent version 1.8.0u312
NOTE: Due to the changed JRE, we do not provide a separate update-installer for this release.

** Bug
  * [TOPEASE-5849] - XMLImport uses wrong ChangeType
  * [TOPEASE-5873] - PredefinedValue Filter in ReportWizzard throws Exception
  * [TOPEASE-5877] - Cannot delete object having diagram layout information on some read-only diagram
  * [TOPEASE-5894] - GcAssessment properties are always provided in default language

** New Feature
  * [TOPEASE-5744] -  Execution of server tasks in w3

** Improvement
  * [TOPEASE-5883] - Risk-Map calculation should be able to calculate with %-values
 Release 7.1.28 (2021-10-28)
Release Notes - TopEase - Version 7.1.28
** Bug
  * [TOPEASE-5651] - Adding new nodes into an expanded subprocess is visually possible, but fails when storing
  * [TOPEASE-5653] - Unable to save layout of sequence flow diagram with swimlanes in certain cases
  * [TOPEASE-5660] - W3 F&F: total value calculation fails if individual value has only a unit
  * [TOPEASE-5728] - W3 Security issues CVE-2021-42115, CVE-2021-42545
  * [TOPEASE-5729] - W3 Security issue CVE-2021-42116
  * [TOPEASE-5730] - W3 Security issue CVE-2021-42117
  * [TOPEASE-5731] - W3 Security issue CVE-2021-42118
  * [TOPEASE-5732] - W3 Security issue CVE-2021-42119
  * [TOPEASE-5733] - W3 Security issue CVE-2021-42120
  * [TOPEASE-5734] - W3 Security issue CVE-2021-42121
  * [TOPEASE-5735] - W3 Security issue CVE-2021-42122
  * [TOPEASE-5747] - W3 Security issue ID-011 Insufficient Session Timeout

** New Feature
  * [TOPEASE-5282] - TSM: Add ability to change log-levels at runtime
  * [TOPEASE-5738] - Provide ability to query the label of a schema object type incl. "subtypes"
  * [TOPEASE-5803] - Ability to see actual zoom level in diagrams

** Improvement
  * [TOPEASE-5656] - Ability to move objects from/to Subprocesses in BPMN Diagrams
  * [TOPEASE-5796] - Ask before rejecting changes when user presses "X" button
  * [TOPEASE-5801] - Enable the Diagram overview by default in edit mode
  * [TOPEASE-5696] - Enable having Risks with mixed RiskDefinitions on the same RiskMatrix
  * [TOPEASE-5746] - W3 Security issue CVE-2021-42123
  * [TOPEASE-5750] - W3 Security issue ID-014 Visible Detailed Error/Debug Page
 Release 7.1.27 (2021-07-01)
Release Notes - TopEase - Version 7.1.27
** Bug
  * [TOPEASE-5508] - ArchitectureDiagram does not show transitive relations
  * [TOPEASE-5621] - JXBrowser timeout while loading diagram in Designer
  * [TOPEASE-5625] - Diagramming: Rendering of sequence flow diagram with expanded activities does not work correctly with default swimlane
  * [TOPEASE-5643] - SequenceFlow Diagram: sub-processes might be unintentionally deleted when using the property 'expanded' within a swimlane diagram

** New Feature
  * [TOPEASE-5489] - Conditional Format for F&F field values
  * [TOPEASE-5526] - Plugin to support inheritance of BCM values between Processes

** Improvement
  * [TOPEASE-5503] - Always ask for http(s) ports during installation
  * [TOPEASE-5515] - CopyWizard: Add Value-flows from/to Event and Gateway to process-scenario
  * [TOPEASE-5516] - CopyWizard: copy References along with Processes
  * [TOPEASE-5581] - Allow manual output messages in AntRunner log from XSLT
  * [TOPEASE-5646] - Assessment App: add state in folder overview table and chart

 Release 7.1.26 (2021-03-02)
Release Notes - TopEase - Version 7.1.26
** Bug
  * [TOPEASE-5456] - Repeated error message dialogs when editing in context diagram options of the designer
  * [TOPEASE-5480] - BIA: NPE while aggregating evaluation resources after customer converted suppliers (Resource) to ExternalAgents
** New Feature
  * [TOPEASE-5439] - Specifying a shape-template for a container-node in a context diagram does not work
  * [TOPEASE-5442] - Diagram tile with navigation functionality
  * [TOPEASE-5454] - Change font style within shape-editor
** Improvement
  * [TOPEASE-5455] - Use graph-navigation component also in bdna-diagrams-panel, changes navigation behavior
 Release 7.1.25 (2021-01-29)
Release Notes - TopEase - Version 7.1.25
** Bug
  * [TOPEASE-5367] - Unable to view relation overview in Designer on Activities when supported-by relation is used
  * [TOPEASE-5369] - Problem while editing Risk Definition Settings
  * [TOPEASE-5392] - Some of the model settings are missing a default identifier
  * [TOPEASE-5395] - Designer Settings UI allows for hierarchically nested Risk-Definition settings, but this is not intended
  * [TOPEASE-5420] - Diagram with other relations - don't show nil objects
  * [TOPEASE-5426] - Copy from model with valid fingerprint can block the access to the model
** New Feature
  * [TOPEASE-5222] - Add Risk-Indicator to Model-Diagrams in pseudo-3d
  * [TOPEASE-5399] - Use ExternalAgent supports relations in BIA Supplier Evaluation
  * [TOPEASE-5433] - Mail / NotificationRules change rendering of xpathProperties if it is a list of objects involved
** Improvement
  * [TOPEASE-5339] - In solutions show only diagram templates in diagram create dialog
  * [TOPEASE-5365] - TopEase Installer should ask before overwriting "TopEase XChange.conf" file in ProgramData
  * [TOPEASE-5381] - Order of diagram-templates when creating a new diagram
  * [TOPEASE-5396] - Stop excessive logging in case an Assessment-Indicator does not have a formula defined
  * [TOPEASE-5397] - Configure the membership of users to business roles only in TopEase model
  * [TOPEASE-5416] - Object converter from some object type to 'Folder' converts only the root object
 Release 7.1.24 (2020-12-10)
** Maintenance
  * [TOPEASE-5341] - Security updates for dependend libraries
  * [TOPEASE-5343] - Security update for AntRunner Plugin
** Bug
  * [TOPEASE-5285] - W3: Number property cannot be deleted
  * [TOPEASE-5291] - Regression: Missing server configuration file may cause excessive logging
  * [TOPEASE-5307] - Diagram Editor may hang forever in javascript code execution
  * [TOPEASE-5309] - Synchronize error due to concurrent checkin
  * [TOPEASE-5313] - Gantt Diagram: Access deny on some task details prevents the displaying of all tasks
  * [TOPEASE-5338] - Workflow view can not be rendered due to missing permissions
  * [TOPEASE-5351] - Missing implicit access permissions for some Settings objects
** New Feature
  * [TOPEASE-5322] - Metamodel enhancements for BCM-App
** Improvement
  * [TOPEASE-5325] - Improve quality of detailed diagrams in pdf reports
  * [TOPEASE-5339] - Show only diagram templates in diagram create dialog
  * [TOPEASE-5350] - WorkflowRules: support update permissions in CopyBehaviourRule
 Release 7.1.23 (2020-10-21)
** Bug
  * [TOPEASE-5150] - NPE during merge in designer
  * [TOPEASE-5179] - Predefined Values might not get cleaned up if not used anymore
  * [TOPEASE-5181] - Multiple predefined values can be created with the same name
  * [TOPEASE-5189] - W3: Predefined Values are not visible when their Settings-Container does not have an Identifier
  * [TOPEASE-5206] - W3: Diagram-Palette object names in wrong language
  * [TOPEASE-5213] - Diagramm push Template options issue
  * [TOPEASE-5224] - W3: F&F timeseries (discontinued) might show up like continued
  * [TOPEASE-5209] - More parts of Diagrams in wrong language
** New Feature
  * [TOPEASE-5242] - Schema Extension for W3 BIA
  * [TOPEASE-5215] - Support diagram rotation and elevation
** Improvement
  * [TOPEASE-5219] - Ability to set a date property during Import Soft Cleanup
  * [TOPEASE-5241] - IdentifierSetClear Plugin improvement
  * [TOPEASE-5250] - Add ability to use Predefined Values of type Date inside XPath expressions
  * [TOPEASE-5249] - Update spring from 5.2.6 to 5.2.9 to fix security issue
 Release 7.1.22 (2020-08-25)
** Bug
  * [TOPEASE-5151] - Regression: Designer's Diagram Tab is unable to load shape-icons in built' version
  * [TOPEASE-5168] - MailServiceImpl continues to send already sent mails
  * [TOPEASE-5170] - MailQueueThread does not end when deactivated
  * [TOPEASE-5177] - Update-Installer removes too many files
 Release 7.1.21 (2020-08-17)
** Bug
  * [TOPEASE-3878] - TopEase might be vulnerable against XXE attacks
  * [TOPEASE-4820] - Designer: load diagram on creation
  * [TOPEASE-4896] - When updating a server installation, the service-user gets reset to "system-user"
  * [TOPEASE-5028] - Designer: View Filter does not work for all main folders
  * [TOPEASE-5032] - High memory consumtion of Leaflet-Map integration
  * [TOPEASE-5044] - Missing Default-Folder Identifier on old/upgraded models
  * [TOPEASE-5054] - Chrome and Edge new Color Popup misses default colors
  * [TOPEASE-4933] - Gantchart: pressing ctrl-a and delete deletes all content without asking
  * [TOPEASE-5059] - JasperReports: Text inside curly braces {} is not rendered
  * [TOPEASE-5106] - Wrong format of ShapeEditor changes in Designer & misleading error message
  * [TOPEASE-5117] - ContextDiagram: on removing target object = model from entry, the model object is removed
  * [TOPEASE-5124] - NPE when scrolling in Modell Report Settings Table
  * [TOPEASE-5125] - Save JViews Diagrams as SVG not possible anymore after upgrading batik
  * [TOPEASE-5127] - Loading of custom bi-report i18n files does not work as specified for zipped reports
  * [TOPEASE-5139] - Nodes in swimlane loose their position
** New Feature
  * [TOPEASE-5068] - Add color to Predefined Values
  * [TOPEASE-5122] - Add a description property to Predefined Values
** Improvement
  * [TOPEASE-5057] - Inline-Edit of label in Diagram should auto-commit on focus lost
  * [TOPEASE-5136] - Add new value "On Demand" to "Frequency of Control/Change" property of BusinessRule Objects
** Maintenance
  * [TOPEASE-4980] - Update Jasperreports library to latest version
  * [TOPEASE-5149] - Designer: Show detail relations again in relation overview

 Release 7.1.14 (2020-06-12)

Technical fixes and fixes for web solutions.

 Release 7.1.13 (2020-03-18)

Same as 7.1.12 with minor technical fixes.

 Release 7.1.12 (2020-03-11)
** Bug
  * [TOPEASE-4722] - "Reports" tab in Designer is extremely slow
  * [TOPEASE-4926] - Riskmap fetch data call fails with http-401-unauthorized in Firefox 60esr
  * [TOPEASE-4951] - Diagram: the full display of responsible persons in Orgchart is provided only with display scaling = 100%
  * [TOPEASE-4973] - Gantt-Diagram does not show german month-names in timeline
  * [TOPEASE-4977] - Search does not work with Read access denied objects
** Improvement
  * [TOPEASE-4941] - Ability to use certificate without providing an alias if the Certstore contains only one certificate
  * [TOPEASE-4962] - Copy/Paste not allowed by workflow rules
 Release 7.1.11 (2019-12-13)
** Bug
  * [TOPEASE-4899] - Diagram: the PNG export does not contain header, footer, legend
  * [TOPEASE-4901] - Unable to create editable VC-Flow diagram in solution
** New Feature
  * [TOPEASE-4884] - Provide Gantt-Dgm on Risk-Measure Tab
** Improvement
  * [TOPEASE-4887] - Navigation in GanttDgm
 Release 7.1.10 (2019-11-17)
** Bug
  * [TOPEASE-4494] - Explicit Full-GC takes too much time in large heap
  * [TOPEASE-4882] - ModelResource.getByIdMember()does not take "current object" into account when providing an xpath subquery
  * [TOPEASE-4890] - W3: Unable to change Event triggertype if there is no triggertype set yet
** New Feature
  * [TOPEASE-4809] - Provide a Gantt-Chart to visualize planned Tasks, Measures and probably lifecycles
** Improvement
  * [TOPEASE-4850] - SwimlaneDiagram: support PartialLayout (fixed nodes)
  * [TOPEASE-4878] - Improve Search results
 Release 7.1.9 (2019-09-26)
** Bug
    * [TOPEASE-4860] - NPE when adding more Rows or columns to RiskDefinition and starting to choose the cell colors
** Improvement
    * [TOPEASE-4858] - Model-defined Font color is not used for "Questions"
 Release 7.1.8 (2019-09-16)
** Bug
  * [TOPEASE-4839] - Potential wrong results in RiskMap for Folder
** New Feature
  * [TOPEASE-4815] - W3: Make the Landscape-Diagram (geolocation) available
  * [TOPEASE-4843] - Diagram Shape with vertical text
** Improvement
  * [TOPEASE-4827] - TE Designer does not start
  * [TOPEASE-4849] - Improvements for Riskmap
  * [TOPEASE-4854] - Diagram: Reset custom shape color
 Release 7.1.7 (2019-08-26)
** Bug
  * [TOPEASE-3398] - XMLImport with unique="true" on RACI relations does not work as expected
  * [TOPEASE-4643] - BIReport execution gets exception while trying to render large images
** Improvement
  * [TOPEASE-4750] - BiReports: support parameter TE_XPATH_DIAGRAMS
  * [TOPEASE-4805] - WorkflowRules: support parameter 'checkCurrentUser' in CheckFourEyesPrincipleRule
** Sub-task
  * [TOPEASE-4729] - Pull swimmlane options from diagram template fails
 Release 7.1.6 (2019-07-22)
** Bug
  * [TOPEASE-4789] - w3: diagram links are duplicated for the first diagram of the selected object
  * [TOPEASE-4030] - Problem when pressing F2 on Sequenceflow
** New Feature
  * [TOPEASE-4692] - WorkflowRules: new rule SetPredefinedValuesOnChangeRule
** Improvement
  * [TOPEASE-4592] - Add standard Influence Types
  * [TOPEASE-4710] - Reference: show icon from source if the attached reference kind has no icon
  * [TOPEASE-4724] - WorkflowRules: support html content type in SendMailRule
  * [TOPEASE-4746] - Assessment: Creation of new Assessments in IT-SEC does not work properly
  * [TOPEASE-4790] - w3: don't show the "summary" label in the Info sidebar when no shape is selected
 Release 7.1.5 (2019-05-15)
** Bug
  * [TOPEASE-4652] - Wrong initial position of new nodes in swimlanes
  * [TOPEASE-4657] - Diagram: the SVG export does not contain header, footer, legend
 Release 7.1.4 (2019-05-06)
** Bug
  * [TOPEASE-4448] - Unable to catch up with repository under high load
  * [TOPEASE-4499] - W3-Requests fail due to serverside change dispatching
  * [TOPEASE-4533] - Option GatewayType is not available if a new gateway is introduced into a sequence Flow
  * [TOPEASE-4538] - Unable to save BVC Flow dgm
  * [TOPEASE-4539] - Exceptions in SequenceFlow Diagramming
  * [TOPEASE-4543] - Unable to save "Step Type" of an Activity-Object in Sequence Flow Diagram
  * [TOPEASE-4567] - JasperRepors: error in rendering tables from html fields via TextReport
  * [TOPEASE-4570] - HierarchyDiagram: new added objects can produce an unwished automatic layout
  * [TOPEASE-4582] - Exception while saving edits in Sequenceflow dgm from Template
  * [TOPEASE-4587] - When an error occurs during save of dgm changes, the dgm remains in an incomplete state
  * [TOPEASE-4603] - BVC Diagram: the graphical modelling of BVC structure diagrams does not work 
** New Feature
  * [TOPEASE-4573] - W3: Assessment App Enhancements
  * [TOPEASE-4615] - Swimlane Diagram: support label for 'Related objects'
** Improvement
  * [TOPEASE-4531] - Enable caching based on ETag for w3 resources
  * [TOPEASE-4534] - Search Option in Diagram Editor
  * [TOPEASE-4560] - Allow to print the Version of an Artefact on a Diagram
  * [TOPEASE-4585] - GapReport does not show useful results for deltas on Comments
  * [TOPEASE-4590] - Questionnaire requires Facts and Figures Tab
  * [TOPEASE-4599] - An empty lane may appear in sequence flow diagrams
  * [TOPEASE-4626] - Diagram: improve layout for objects without flows
  * [TOPEASE-4630] - DenyDeleteRule: support parameters to ignore the execution of the rule for given users or groups
** Sub-task
  * [TOPEASE-4562] - AutoHistoryRule does not correctly handle "no change"
  * [TOPEASE-4571] - Repository requires Change-History cleanup
  * [TOPEASE-4575] - The GapReport on Assets (having lot of Assessments) produces too much garbage
  * [TOPEASE-4625] - Provide a Tool for Repository Maintenance "History Cleanup" action
 Release 7.1.3 (2019-02-28)
** Bug
  * [TOPEASE-4437] - Delete collides with insert
  * [TOPEASE-4467] - JasperReports: WorkProducts in yfiles diagrams are not rendered in reports
  * [TOPEASE-4490] - Access Exception during GapReport execution ends in InternalServerError
  * [TOPEASE-4494] - Explicit Full-GC takes too much time in large heap
  * [TOPEASE-4519] - Changing Orientation of a Swimlane-Diagram should also change the swimlane orientation
  * [TOPEASE-4526] - Process does not show when double click on Process Landscape

** New Feature
  * [TOPEASE-4471] - Add functionality to gather Support-Information from a running XChange instance

** Improvement
  * [TOPEASE-4495] - Improve reaction on "delete collides with insert"
  * [TOPEASE-4504] - Graph3: Improve incremental layout of Hierarchy Diagram
  * [TOPEASE-4508] - Enable support for pre-generated reports in Bdna-Report-Menu 
  * [TOPEASE-4520] - Option for Layout Orientation Change in Diagrams should not be allowed if diagram is based on a template
 Release 7.1.2 (2019-02-04)
** Bug
  * [TOPEASE-4455] - Race condition within CalculationContext in W3
  * [TOPEASE-4465] - Designer: Copy&Paste from Word into HTML fields ignores formatting
  * [TOPEASE-4469] - Unable to use Compare-View when objects being compared have long names
  * [TOPEASE-4470] - Unable to answer Questionnaire if Answer Dimension has no numeric value assigned
  * [TOPEASE-4476] - "delete collides with insert" due to thread-unsafe GUID implementation
** Improvement
  * [TOPEASE-4457] - Logging performance is slow in production
  * [TOPEASE-4474] - Add helpful information to log when "delete collides with insert" occurs
 Release 7.1.1 (2019-01-18)
** Bug
  * [TOPEASE-4453] - Word and PDF Reports dont work anymore in TopEase 7.1.0
  * [TOPEASE-4455] - Race condition within CalculationContext in W3

** Improvement
  * [TOPEASE-4456] - Include a thread identifier into the log output
 Release 7.1.0 (2019-01-09)
** Bug
  * [TOPEASE-3160] - Exception in WebPortal if related share gets deleted
  * [TOPEASE-3493] - Resource flow created in Portal does not appear in Designer
  * [TOPEASE-3970] - WebPortal: Language change not possible after object selection
  * [TOPEASE-4112] - ReportWizard: configured object types are not correctly evaluated for server execution
  * [TOPEASE-4131] - Report "template.dir" property needs to be absolute
  * [TOPEASE-4144] - W3: Relation Overview does not display whole diagram
  * [TOPEASE-4145] - W3: Custom color editable in diagram readonly mode
  * [TOPEASE-4192] - Add write access permission checks to w3 RACI
  * [TOPEASE-4195] - biReport execution lacks error logging
  * [TOPEASE-4197] - Job Trigger can get invalid and prevent server start
  * [TOPEASE-4203] - Create Diagram from template fails if the template is associated with access denied diagrams
  * [TOPEASE-4219] - SequenceDiagrams Workproducts (states) are not displayed in IE on W2 Technology
  * [TOPEASE-4236] - Plugin 'Set State and Validity': not all valid states are selectable
  * [TOPEASE-4253] - Improve performance on advanced indexed searches though code optimization
  * [TOPEASE-4254] - JSP Reports: Switching the report profile is not correctly supported
  * [TOPEASE-4270] - Web3: Performance degradation due to sorted list access inside XPath evaluation
  * [TOPEASE-4277] - Assessment Service XPath filtering
  * [TOPEASE-4283] - W3: Tree navigation not always possilble
  * [TOPEASE-4284] - Doubleline in shapeeditor causes connectors to not start at shape bounds
  * [TOPEASE-4289] - XML import fails with errors caused by buggy sax-parser used from JRE
  * [TOPEASE-4294] - W3 Assessment: Comment changes are not being saved
  * [TOPEASE-4297] - DiagramEditor: Property editor "default" is always checked
  * [TOPEASE-4298] - Web3: Button "navigate up" on DiagramEditor not visible in WebExplorer/readonly mode
  * [TOPEASE-4304] - Ability to save an existing shape-style under a different name in shapeeditor
  * [TOPEASE-4320] - Concurrent write attempt fail in w2
  * [TOPEASE-4321] - improve brute force login attack protection with DoS prevention
  * [TOPEASE-4326] - Cancelling Jobs kills Job too early on systems with long latencies
  * [TOPEASE-4330] - NPE in AntRunner after XMLImport tries to perform Delete-Support
  * [TOPEASE-4335] - AccessManager check throws "requires active transaction"
  * [TOPEASE-4336] - NPE in MyNavResNavigator
  * [TOPEASE-4385] - Rule Editor: by deactivating an action rule, the action flag is also removed
  * [TOPEASE-4387] - JasperReports: Report can not be generated if contained svg is illegal
  * [TOPEASE-4388] - JasperReports: Report can not be gererated if it contains a table with an empty row
  * [TOPEASE-4399] - Unable to start TopEase Designer with Checkpoint Endpoint Security Application Control
  * [TOPEASE-4408] - W3 PV number-editor allows invalid data to be saved
  * [TOPEASE-4409] - Performance problems within CustomDataEditPage when having many PV values
  * [TOPEASE-4413] - W3 Support type and pattern in band-text-editor
  * [TOPEASE-4414] - AddReference Dialog needs too much time to open in a large model environment
  * [TOPEASE-4418] - ArchitectureDiagram takes too long to generate in large models
  * [TOPEASE-4419] - Diagram's 3 fields are not visible in container shapes
  * [TOPEASE-4423] - W3 Reference element not showing correct buttons

** New Feature
  * [TOPEASE-4180] - Web3 feature to check specific access permissions
  * [TOPEASE-4194] - Simplify integration of predefined values
  * [TOPEASE-4232] - Edit width and height of nodes in the diagram properties panel
  * [TOPEASE-4295] - W3 Assessment WS: Get Assessment by qType Identifier
  * [TOPEASE-4308] - Add optional lineage col to assoc table
  * [TOPEASE-4311] - Schema: allow RuleSet and BusinessRule objects in default folder
  * [TOPEASE-4327] - Add info about system processor to logfile
  * [TOPEASE-4344] - Provide a script such that customers can easily create certificate requests
  * [TOPEASE-4417] - W3 Ignore case when comparing server user name with resource user ID
  * [TOPEASE-4430] - W3 readonly table for reverse RACI relations

** Improvement
  * [TOPEASE-2089] - Change the schema-default value for Priorities from "null" to "-"
  * [TOPEASE-2861] - Use a state-of-the-art password-hashing library to store passwords securely
  * [TOPEASE-4124] - Support LDAPS (SSO, LDAP over SSL)
  * [TOPEASE-4132] - Potential security issue through leaked Exception in webportal response
  * [TOPEASE-4137] - GraphEditor: improved rendering of 3 fields in diagram shapes
  * [TOPEASE-4139] - improve SSO user lookup when UPN is email address
  * [TOPEASE-4234] - XPath extension function q:formatDate to get a formatted date
  * [TOPEASE-4238] - Add tooltips to svg-diagrams generated with new Diagram Editor
  * [TOPEASE-4239] - Gap Report Improvements
  * [TOPEASE-4246] - Workflow Rules: xpath configuration of raci holders in OnCreationChangeStatusRule and OnCreationRule
  * [TOPEASE-4271] - Web3-Search should find objects when only parts of a word is typed
  * [TOPEASE-4275] - Improve Search
  * [TOPEASE-4290] - CreateDialog: support custom association for customType
  * [TOPEASE-4315] - Graph3 HierarchyDiagram: Support Option "Levels Horizontal Layout"
  * [TOPEASE-4319] - web3 json responses should be gzipped
  * [TOPEASE-4362] - Add warning, when Predefined Values are being abused
  * [TOPEASE-4374] - Tomcat security settings require an update
  * [TOPEASE-4386] - Autohistory: support logging of extent changes (access & user management)
  * [TOPEASE-4393] - Ability to customize the distance between Diagram Header/Footer and the diagram content
  * [TOPEASE-4396] - Support for Onlinehelp in W3 Solutions
  * [TOPEASE-4411] - CustomDataEditPage should take order of CD from "selectedSettings" config
  * [TOPEASE-4424] - W3 Solutions should show reference page for ExternalReference objects
  * [TOPEASE-4445] - SequenceDiagram: Label of Start Events should be placed on top for vertical layout

** Sub-task
  * [TOPEASE-3770] - Lucence search engine update
  * [TOPEASE-3941] - Show relation browser in the right pane when user selects node
  * [TOPEASE-3952] - Improve behavior on touch- and tiny devices
  * [TOPEASE-4247] - Possibility to define management ratios for QNaires (Indicators)

TopEase 7.0

 Release 7.0.7 (6. Jun 2019)
** Bug
  * [TOPEASE-4236] - Plugin 'Set State and Validity': not all valid states are selectable
  * [TOPEASE-4237] - TEXML Export: Text of objectlink is always  exported in the default language
  * [TOPEASE-4254] - JSP Reports: Switching the report profile is not correctly supported
  * [TOPEASE-4289] - XML import fails with errors caused by buggy sax-parser used from JRE
  * [TOPEASE-4302] - Exception after closing Ctx-Dgm settings in Designer within DiagramEditor
  * [TOPEASE-4385] - Rule Editor: by deactivating an action rule, the action flag is also removed
  * [TOPEASE-4465] - Designer: Copy&Paste from Word into HTML fields ignores formatting
  * [TOPEASE-4476] - "delete collides with insert" due to thread-unsafe GUID implementation
  * [TOPEASE-4567] - JasperRepors: error in rendering tables from html fields via TextReport
  * [TOPEASE-4723] - Excessive logging when no WE licenses are available
** New Feature
  * [TOPEASE-4232] - Edit width and height of nodes in the diagram properties panel
** Improvement
  * [TOPEASE-4234] - XPath extension function q:formatDate to get a formatted date
  * [TOPEASE-4238] - Add tooltips to svg-diagrams generated with new Diagram Editor
  * [TOPEASE-4239] - Gap Report Improvements
  * [TOPEASE-4246] - Workflow Rules: xpath configuration of raci holders in OnCreationChangeStatusRule and OnCreationRule
  * [TOPEASE-4315] - Graph3 HierarchyDiagram: Support Option "Levels Horizontal Layout"
  * [TOPEASE-4374] - Tomcat security settings require an update
 Release 7.0.6 (5. Jun 2018)
** Bug
    * [TOPEASE-3970] - WebPortal: Language change not possible after object selection
    * [TOPEASE-4219] - SequenceDiagrams Workproducts (states) are not displayed in IE on W2 Technology
** Improvement
    * [            ] - Some W3-Diagramming improvements
 Release 7.0.5 (1. May 2018)
** Bug
    * [TOPEASE-3493] - Resource flow created in Portal does not appear in Designer
    * [TOPEASE-3681] - Missing files after generating a diagram as png only
    * [TOPEASE-4155] - YFiles designer integration (and headless generation) need to be customizable too
    * [TOPEASE-4195] - biReport execution lacks error logging
    * [TOPEASE-4197] - Job Trigger can get invalid and prevent server start
    * [TOPEASE-4200] - Wrong sort order in lifecycle table
    * [TOPEASE-4202] - Performance problem while accessing AdditionalValueSettings in real-world models
    * [TOPEASE-4203] - Create Diagram from template fails if the template is associated with access denied diagrams
    * [TOPEASE-4204] - Diagram generation performance degradation after generating lots of diagrams

** New Feature
    * [TOPEASE-4162] - Add ability to navigate svg-diagrams generated with new Diagram Editor
    * [TOPEASE-4180] - Web3 feature to check specific access permissions
    * [TOPEASE-4181] - OWASP: security issue through CSRF Cookie only authentication in W3
    * [TOPEASE-4206] - Create Arrow Shapes with notch
    * [TOPEASE-4208] - Add ability to define default size for new nodes in diagrams

** Improvement
    * [TOPEASE-4040] - Make it possible to remove multiple reports at the same time

Migration note:

Existing usages of the Job Administration Web Service may need to adopt their code. See note in Job Administration Web Service.

 Release 7.0.4 (16. Mar 2018)
** Bug
    * [TOPEASE-4160] - Invisible toolbar buttons in Designer Diagrammer when in fullscreen
    * [TOPEASE-4177] - W3-DiagramEditor image generation returns prior image rather than the requested

** New Feature
    * [TOPEASE-4159] - Support of filtering in bdna-tree

** Improvement
    * [TOPEASE-2861] - Use a state-of-the-art password-hashing library to store passwords securely
    * [TOPEASE-4123] - Add object-id to exported SVG's
    * [TOPEASE-4130] - Potential clickjacking through frameable response in web portal
    * [TOPEASE-4172] - Allow use of WorkflowState during SoftDelete of imports
 Release 7.0.3 (23. Feb 2018)
** Bug
    * [TOPEASE-4069] - Identifier conflict on Resource import (XML)
    * [TOPEASE-4112] - ReportWizard: configured object types are not correctly evaluated for server execution
    * [TOPEASE-4142] - Serverside generation of YFiles Diagrams sometimes fails with IllegalStateException
    * [TOPEASE-4151] - TopEase Designer startup fails due to GroupPolicy problem with JXBrowser
    * [TOPEASE-4155] - YFiles designer integration (and headless generation) need to be customizable too

** New Feature
    * [TOPEASE-4149] - Add property 'Label' to Lifecycle and Positioning

** Improvement
    * [TOPEASE-4124] - Support LDAPS (SSO, LDAP over SSL)
    * [TOPEASE-4137] - GraphEditor: improved rendering of 3 fields in diagram shapes
    * [TOPEASE-4139] - improve SSO user lookup when UPN is email address
    * [TOPEASE-4140] - Designer: add multilanguage editor for Lifecycle's 'note' field

** Sub-task
    * [TOPEASE-4027] - First navigation on diagram opens right drawer
    * [TOPEASE-4114] - Support Identifying Types for the shape customization
 Release 7.0.2 (14. Dez 2017)
** Bug
    * [TOPEASE-4093] - Designer: the tab Resource/EAM cannot be opened
    * [TOPEASE-4094] - Designer: only first level Projects can be chosen from selection panels

** New Feature
    * [TOPEASE-4077] - Designer: edit the diagram's identifier
    * [TOPEASE-4089] - Support for resetting layout
 Release 7.0.1 (06. Dez 2017)
** Bug
    * [TOPEASE-4071] - 7.0.0 installer does not include strong crypto policy
    * [TOPEASE-4079] - Unable to provide ssl certificate without specifying a key alias

** New Feature
    * [TOPEASE-4083] - Copy and edit existing Jobs with web service

** Improvement
    * [TOPEASE-4080] - Modelling Rules: Support multilanguage rule name
    * [TOPEASE-4087] - Modelling Rules: Rule / Group identifier must be unique
    * [TOPEASE-4053] - Provide edit functionality for BVC Diagrams with Flow
 Release 7.0.0 u1 (20. Nov 2017)
** Bug
* [TOPEASE-4071] - 7.0.0 installer does not include strong crypto policy
* [TOPEASE-4075] - Re-Enable SSO with simple A/D user lookup (pre-Win2000 option)
 Release 7.0.0 (03. Nov 2017)

Initial release, see Highlights for new Features.

This release also contains all fixes of TopEase 6.9 update 11 and before.

Additional, the following issues have been resolved:

** Bug
 * TOPEASE-4063	ArchitectureDiagram: The sorting of a swimlane added to a layouted diagram is incorrect
 * TOPEASE-4044	allow version tag with same name for different scopes
 * TOPEASE-4016	Web JSP Reports: Hyperlinks are not correct (javascript function)
 * TOPEASE-3886	Favorite Reports defined as 'Job Report' are shown in portal even if inactive
 * TOPEASE-3777	Report Wizard report show hidden predefined values 
 * TOPEASE-3754	Facts & Figures show unit identifier instead of unit name
 * TOPEASE-3411	WebReports: icons are missing in jsp reports
** Improvement 
 * TOPEASE-4056	Model Settings: allow decomposition of settings
 * TOPEASE-4054	AssessmentModel: add support for LifecycleState
 * TOPEASE-4045	Diagram Templates: push current object selection in Relation diagrams
 * TOPEASE-4000	Remove SSL-Setting from installer, enabled SSL needs to be the default.
 * TOPEASE-3966	ability to store attached files in repository location
 * TOPEASE-3958	Office templates signed with sha256 certificate
 * TOPEASE-3875	update spnego to v7
 * TOPEASE-3699	upgrade jersey libraries
 * TOPEASE-3983	Show report button more prominetly
 * TOPEASE-4020	Provide a dedicated field for BCM's "key dates" field
 * TOPEASE-4019	Add targetLikelihood and targetImpact properties to Risk Assessment
 * TOPEASE-4012	Designer: Explore/Search feature in Diagram Copy Dialog
 * TOPEASE-4011	Designer: Option to reset diagram layout on pushing template settings
 * TOPEASE-3939	Web3: Table responsive colums feature (show/hide depending on table width)
** Retired Feature
 * TOPEASE-3891	Retire usage of Java-Applet for JViews based diagramming
 * TOPEASE-3889	Remove support for iGrafx flowcharts